Businesses Make an Impact with UN Global Goals - And You Can Too!

September 26, 2019

UN SDGs are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all, with the aspiration to reach these 17 goals by 2030 to maintain hope for our world and its inhabitants.

The SDGs can also serve as a guideline for businesses’ impact strategy, but often do not include specific instructions for businesses to easily participate. As a result, well-intentioned businesses are left in the dark as to how they can contribute to a better world.

At Pledgeling we aim to make it easier for companies to make the world better, and we have helped several companies integrate the UN SDGs into their impact strategy.

Take a look at the impact that Pledgeling’s partners have made together.

How Pledgeling Partners are Contributing

Discovery and Oceana: Life Below Water

Discovery Channel teamed up with Oceana for the past few years in an effort to protect sharks from the fin trade that affects up to 73 million sharks per year. Their efforts aim to tackle SDG#14: Life Below Water.

They capitalized on the mass-popularity of Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” by running several Text-to-Donate campaigns. Oceana is a nonprofit that works to rebuild ocean biodiversity and prevent further destruction, overfishing, and pollution.

StorQuest and One Tree Planted: Life Above Land

One Tree Planted is an organization focused on planting trees where trees are most needed. It formed a partnership with Storquest, a storage rental company to focus on planting more trees around the world.

Together, they’re working toward SDG #15: Life Above Land. When you rent one unit through Storquest, you get one tree planted.

This partnership has led to the planting of 17,000 trees to date.

Zox and Thirst Project: Clean Water and Sanitation

Zox creates unique wristbands and clothing, and commits to provide a year of clean water to someone in need with every order. Thirst Project is an organization that has provided clean water for over 400,000 people in 13 countries.

Together, the two seek to take on SDG #6: Clean Water and Sanitation. To date, they’ve raised over $200,000 to build wells in Swaziland.

That is an incredible way to use business as a vehicle for change.

Collective Impact of Our Partners

Pledgeling works with a number of businesses that are making waves and contributing to a brighter future. And because of our Impact Calculators, there are meaningful and transparent metrics to keep track of the impact that they’re making around the world. Consumers and businesses can see exactly how much is being done in real time.

Through donations made on the Pledgeling platform, One Tree Planted has given life to over 185,000 trees. Thirst Project has provided just under 500,000 people with clean drinking water for a year. Feeding America has given over 50,000 meals to underserved families.

Take a look at the overall impact of our work with all our nonprofit partners.

You Can Contribute, Too!

If you’re interested in working toward the goals of the UN, you can start carving out a better future through your business by pledging time, money, product, or profits to support the causes you care about the most. You’ll find that your employees, customers, and partners all respond more positively when you do.

Pledgeling makes it easy to get started. You simply choose your cause, the nonprofits you want to contribute to, and your method of donation. We offer a number of ways to get the word out and generate donations, and we’ll have more soon.

2030 is only a decade away, so the time is now to start taking action and working toward a better world.

We can only tackle these issues if we’re united in our efforts.

Contact us to learn more about how you can Grow through Giving.

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