Spread The Love! (aka – National Philanthropy Day)

November 15, 2018


Do you know a business or individual who has significantly contributed to the philanthropic community (or maybe that's YOU?!).  Have you always wanted to say “You are amazing, Thank You!”?  Well, that’s what November 15th is all about!

November 15th is National Philanthropy Day (NPD), or as many refer to it, SPREAD THE LOVE Day.  It’s a day when Superstars of the GIVE BACK arena are recognized and appreciated for all they do. We here at Pledgeling are truly honored to say Thank You to all those being recognized in 2018. You are the difference the world needs. Learn more about NPD Here.

Beginning in the 1980’s, and officially recognized in 1986, National Philanthropy Day celebrates the charitable work that everyone does to make a difference and create impact in their communities. Giving all of us an opportunity to honor and support those who tirelessly and thanklessly (almost!) go about changing the world one charitable contribution at a time.  Most of us, at the core, would like to be more philanthropic but what usually stops us is the “How - and where do I start?".  That’s where Pledgeling comes in.  At our core is philanthropy.  We provide to others, who have that same philanthropic desire, with that ever elusive - “HOW”.  A platform and app that makes giving back easy.  In fact, it’s our goal to massively increase the number of people who need to be THANKED on National Philanthropy Day.  We’d love for you to be on that list.

Online store owners can easily give back through the sale of their products via the GIVE & GROW app for Shopify. If you’re a business owner seeking to give back, we offer a variety of ways to enable social impact including mobile donations, fundraising pages, corporate social responsibility programs and more. The platform dashboard tracks real-time donations and downloadable tax receipts for easy reporting, which saves valuable time.  In addition, owners have the option to integrate an Impact Calculator to their site and share the social impact the business is making with their customers and the world.

Pledgeling is committed to the passion of purpose and helping companies big and small simply and easily give back while growing their business. Pledgeling can help your company support the causes of your choice also. Download GIVE & GROW from the Shopify App Store HERE and get started today or contact us @pledgeling and let’s talk about the possibilities.

Happy NPD!