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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get support related to donations?

Your donations are made to Pledgeling Foundation, a US tax-exempt 501c(3) organization that is separate from Pledgeling Technologies, Inc. Pledgeling Foundation aggregates donations and regrants them to the recipient nonprofits.

For support related to donations to Pledgeling Foundation (such as via Evite) or payments from Pledgeling Foundation to nonprofits, visit Pledgeling Foundation’s support page.

What is Pledgeling?

Pledgeling is the world’s first charitable giving and impact platform that helps build stronger relationships between people and organizations.

What does Pledgeling do?

Pledgeling provides tools and expertise for organizations and individual people to collect charitable donations and demonstrate their impact.

How am I charged to use the Impact Giving Toolkit?

The monthly platform fee of $299/month is billed automatically to your credit card on file. Donation charges are processed separately based on a billing threshold of $50. Once the threshold is exceeded, your credit card on file is billed. If your donation charges do not exceed this threshold, you will be charged automatically after 30 days.

Are my company's donations tax-deductible?

Our accountants suggest that you discuss this with your accountants for an accurate answer. In addition to your monthly billing, we will provide monthly receipts of your company's donations.

How do you determine the cost for each impact?

The costs of the impacts are based on the average costs from our nonprofit partners who work on the ground fulfilling the impacts and reporting back to us about their programs. We ensure all nonprofit organizations supported with donations from the Impact Giving Toolkit are registered as 501(c)(3) organizations and in good standing with the IRS. We also maintain relationships with our nonprofit partners to make sure they are able to accept and designate donations toward their programs to achieve the impacts you see listed in the Impact Giving Toolkit.

If I can’t afford the full cost of an impact for each product I sell, can I contribute a fraction of the cost? Will the Impact Giving Toolkit calculate these fractions to display the total impact of purchases made on my site?

Absolutely! The Impact Giving Toolkit will track your donations down to the penny, so whether you donate a full unit of impact per product sold (like a one-for-one model), or a smaller amount for each product sold, it will track in real-time and update as the full cost of an impact is met.

Can I donate a percentage of each sale, instead of a dollar amount?

Sure! You can set the formula for your Impact Giving Toolkit to automatically update based on a percentage of each sale or a monetary value. Your API call just needs to send us a dollar amount so we can increment your Impact Calculator.

How much of my donation is received by nonprofit organizations?

The donation amounts sent to our Nonprofit Partners vary according to the costs of their impacts. Most of the time, at least 90% of the donation goes to the nonprofits. This varies with each cost based on a flat 10% overheard ratio that we maintain across all donations made through the Impact Giving Toolkit to cover our technical and administrative costs.

When do nonprofit organizations receive my company’s donations?

We distribute donations made through the Impact Giving Toolkit once a quarter. At the end of each quarter, donations are sent to our nonprofit partners within 45 days.

How can I track my company’s donations?

You can easily see all of your company’s donations in our Impact Hub. Click here to create a login and access your account today.

What type of businesses use the Impact Giving Toolkit?

The Impact Giving Toolkit is used by all types of businesses! Whether you’re an ecommerce site or subscription platform, big or small, we enable all businesses to make a positive impact on the world through our Impact Giving Toolkit while also achieving their core business objectives. If your business has a website, we can help you support causes you care about and share the impact with your customers!

I have an ecommerce store and also a brick and mortar presence. Can you help me track the impact from purchases from both of my sales channels?

You bet! We will integrate the impact calculator to be live with your ecommerce site and then you can send us your offline sales reports and we will update your impact to reflect the accurate impact. To set up an offline sales update schedule, email support@pledgeling.com with the subject line "Offline Sales."

Why am I asked to choose a cause and not a nonprofit?

Our Impact Giving Toolkit is designed to make it as easy as possible for your business to support today’s most popular causes. With over 1.3 million nonprofit organizations registered in the US, we know the decisions about which nonprofits to support can be overwhelming so we simplify the giving process for you! All donations collected for causes go into our Cause Funds, and are then distributed to our Nonprofit Partners as designated donations for their programs. So, when your Impact Giving Toolkit raises money to support your chosen cause - like providing clean & safe drinking water - you can be sure that your donations are going to the best programs to fulfill your impacts!

Can I change my selected cause once it is live on my website?

Of course! You can keep the same cause or change it as often as you'd like. The Impact Giving Toolkit will automatically adjust to your selected cause.

Will I receive updates about the impact of my donations and how my donations are being used?

Yes! When it comes to supporting causes through the Impact Giving Toolkit, we mean what we say and we promise to deliver the impacts you select. We work selectively with nonprofit organizations who have the ability to accept designated donations and track them through their programs to the impact. In some programs, the impact will be delivered immediately, while others take longer. We ask all nonprofits who receive donations through the Impact Giving Toolkit to fulfill their impacts within 6 months of receiving donations from the Pledgeling Foundation. Then, they confirm the results and impact stories from their programs through Quarterly Distribution Reports with Pledgeling.

Help! I don’t know how to integrate an API or do anything technical. Can you please help me?

Yes! We know not everyone has a development team on hand to help with implementing a technical solution, so we are working on new tools to make integrating with Pledgeling as simple as possible. If you have questions or need assistance with integrating the Impact Giving Toolkit, simply email us support@pledgeling.com with the subject line: "Integration Help". Someone from our team of technical experts will reach out and guide you step-by-step to get things up and running!