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Commitment to Impact

We created 20 funds to support today’s top causes. Each fund has a quantified impact to easily measure the good you’re doing in the world. Working in partnership with nonprofits, we report back to you about the impact your business has made.


Marketing Toolkit

We provide the marketing tools & in-house expertise that you need to run and maintain a giving program. In our Impact Hub, you’ll find inspiring photos and stories about each cause to share with your customers and feel connected to the impact you’re making!


Simple & Secure

We handle all of the back-end work that comes with giving. When you partner with Pledgeling, you can be sure that the legal and financial challenges of working with nonprofits are taken off your plate, so you can focus on growing your business.


Help from Real Experts

Our team of experts will help you create an authentic & branded giving experience for your customers, from technical support to cause-marketing tips. Your success is our priority. If you have a question or problem, let us know any time.

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*Fun fact: You can control the donation amount per each product sold. You can choose as little as $0.01 per purchase, or any amount you'd like. Our calculator will automatically display the real-time quantity of impact based on the amount you set.

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